Nick Goldsworthy: Sounds & Arrangements
Frank Lavant: Voices
Style: electronic, melodic, danceable

Charm, wit, imaginativeness, energy… these are only a couple of attributes
to describe LAVANTGARDE. This electro-duo definitely stands out from the crowd
and crosses the borders of genres, stereotyped-thinking and monotony. It’s a
band that not only works in the ’scene‘ but also in the populace and above all
goes down well. They are suitable for the radio, clubs and live shows without
losing their own identity.

For more than ten years now, the Duo LAVANTGARDE consisting of the charismatic
singer Frank and the keyboard player and sound artist Nick from Hildesheim (near
Hannover / Germany) have committed themselves to electronic music. Fans had
to wait for a long time, however, before their first CD „Musicment‘ was finally
released in 2002. A long break and various solo projects were the crucial reasons
for this. But they never lost their musical roots and continuously developed
their style of music, which they have now followed since the beginning of the
90´s and is characterized by their fondness for catchy, sometimes even melancholic
tunes, meaningful lyrics and a comprehensive song structure. Their latest productions
with influences from the club scene are a successful blend of traditional and
modern electronic music and above all are extremely danceable.

Over the years, the duo was given the chance to prove their live qualities
performing with well-known bands like De/Vision, Camouflage, Alphaville and
Wolfsheim and they don’t need to fear comparison with any of them.

LAVANTGARDE’s latest album „Inside Out“, on which they continue on the road
of electronic music consistently charged with emotion, was released on 27 September
2004. „Take me s.i.m“ is the title of the appropriate single.

„Excellent electronic pop music charged with atmosphere and with an eye for
the detail. And then there is one attribute which unfortunately is lacking in
music nowadays. Lavantgarde seem to be able to come up with catchy yet never
bothersome tunes just like that. Singer Frank Lavant’s charismatic and unique
voice is easily recognized. „Inside Out“ sounds – even if there’s a touch of
the 80s to it – modern and turned out to be incredibly diversified and distinctive.“

Lavantgarde Live: animation, party, variation of feelings, full of atmosphere,
perfect live singing.

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