End of 1999: LAVANTGARDE talk with their later management about „the good old times“.

Later they send some of new demo-material. Plans are made…

Beginning 2000: LAVANTGARDE have their first gig ever since 8 years in Hannover.

End 2001: The band play in Braunschweig as a surprise guest on Christmas day.

Feb. 2002: They show up some new material and decide to publish their own CD on the SPR label.

April/May 2002: LAVANTGARDE are special guest on the Alphaville Germany tour and present their CD „Musicment“.

June 2002: …further Hits are being produced…

October 2002: Concert in Hannover . Some test recordings in a studio.

July 2003: the recordings are finished.

April 2004: Lavantgarde made final plans for the release of their CD "Inside Out‘

June 2004: The band works on the artwork and the single, other bandsstart remixwork for LAVANTGARDE

2005 : Lavantgarde in germany in cinemas ! Yes, the clothes-store „Schwarzwaren“ chose Lavantgarde’s „Take me s.i.m.“ for their promotion-spot.

November 2006: Lavantgarde won the German Rock and Pop award in the category „Electro-Pop“www.drmv.de

Lorenz Macke (Label + Management) received the award.

award lorenz takes it 1 lorenz takes it 2

Februar 2007: CD ‚Inside Out‘ + ‚Musicment‘ u.a. . digitally releases as mp3 , availalbe through Musicload + Finetunes + Itunes …